Shell Mirrors

Custom sea shell mirrors can be designed, created, and delivered within weeks. Every mirror is one of a kind. Size, shape, shells, and colors are yours for the asking. Using the very best materials and craftsmanship. Shipping and delivery available.

The sampling of works below have been sold, but are titled for reference when contacting about design. If you see something you like we will use it as a starting point or bring your own ideas. Your mirror will be made to your specifications, collaborating through the process from start to finish. Please check the currently available page, or contact to see what might be in the works for immediate delivery.

Please note – Albino Urchin spines are currently not sustainable and are unavailable. Cerithium shells are the alternative and definateley even more beautiful.

This custom mirror was designed to include shells and shark teeth collected by the client during travels with her family. Pearl earrings which hold special meaning are also incorporated into the design. Can you find them?