About Seashore Chic

Sondra Barchard

Sondra Barchard is an artist who specializes in custom seashell mirrors and art. Her work has been commissioned by top designers across the U.S. including Mark Sikes, Rod Mickley, Thomas Burger, Carly Ahlman, Designers West, and Cynthia Collins. Sondra also has many clients who choose to take decorating into their own hands, including a couple of butchers, a baker, and lots of homemakers. 

Sondra started Seashore Chic in 1999 to get her husband to stop nagging her about returning to work once the kids were in school. She planned to spend mornings combing the beach for shells on Amelia Island and the rest of the day figuring out what to do with them. She became a partner in a shop in downtown Fernandina Beach and realized this could actually be a thing. A shell artist. Who knew? 

Sondra now lives in Melbourne Beach, Florida with her husband Curt in an empty nest called the Coconut Cottage. She still combs the beach, and hopes you’ll choose her to make you a spectacular shell mirror.